Donation Opportunities

Student Grant Funding

Help a needy student stay in school. PAVE’s Student Aid Program addresses student need that can impact ongoing education. Typically, $10,000 in grants are awarded each fall, with a $500 minimum grant and a $2,000 maximum grant.

Donation Opportunities:
  • $1,000: A one-time Student Aid Grant
  • $2,500: A one-time Student Aid Grant

You may include your own/your company’s name in the grant. You may participate in the grant reward process if desired. You will receive recognition for your donation.

PAVE Helping Hand Fund Grants

Enhance the educational experience at a college program. PAVE’s Helping Hand Fund enables accredited institutions to improve their programs.

Planned Giving

Gifts of Appreciated Property or Collectibles With careful planning, you can enjoy favorable tax benefits, such as a charitable contribution deduction or the elimination of long-term capital gains tax, from gifts of long-term appreciated securities and real estate. If you donate collectibles, you can deduct the amount of the appraisal for the items. Consult your accountant for details on planned giving benefits.


Honor and sustain your family name with a bequest to PAVE.

Life Income/Charitable Trusts

Make a substantial gift to PAVE without forfeiting the annual income produced by these assets. A charitable trust allows you to retain income for the life of you and your spouse, and it can be structured to create a substantial tax break over a period of years.

Life Insurance

You can transfer ownership of an existing policy to PAVE or purchase a new life insurance policy naming PAVE as the beneficiary and/or owner.

Remembrance Gifts

Honor a loved one or respected colleague with a gift to PAVE in their name. Any amount accepted. Your thoughtfulness will be acknowledged (without mentioning amount) to the individual or family member/friend.

PAVE offers several donation options for you to help make a difference!

PAVE Scholarship Program

Reward deserving students. PAVE is creating achievement scholarships based on grades and program involvement for college students.

Scholarship options:
  1. One-time named scholarship — Minimum donation: $2,500.
  2. Annual named scholarship — you fund it annually for a specified time period. Suggested minimum: $1,500 per year for three years.
  3. Endowed scholarship — self sustaining fund that finances scholarships with the interest earned on the donation. Minimum: $10,000, payable in increments over a year before the scholarship goes into effect. Each year’s scholarship award amount will be set at 75% of the investment earnings from the prior year.

Donors may name the scholarship fund and have input on its application(i.e. interior design, industrial design, visual merchandising, architecture, fashion, or all programs leading toward a career in retail environments). Criteria such as financial need, grade point average, and academic concentrations will be included in the scholarship requirements.


How To Give

Online Donations

Make a donation online. Click here.

By Check

To make a donation by check, please make payable to PAVE and mail to:
4651 Sheridan St., Suite 470
Hollywood, FL 33021