PAVE Student Aid Program

The PAVE student aid program supports students studying retail design, planning, visual merchandising, industrial design, and other programs for careers in the retail environments industry who are experiencing financial difficulties. The intent is to provide for basic needs such as food, housing, books, tuition, health insurance, medical bills, utilities, transportation, etc. 

    "Receiving the PAVE student aid has helped my education tremendously towards my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design by providing me with the funds for tuition, textbooks, and studio supplies. Because of the assistance from PAVE, I have been able to focus on my studies and community involvement without having to worry about financial debt. I am humbled to be a recipient, and cannot wait for future opportunities in this exciting industry."
– Tyler Haaz, 2015 PAVE Scholarship Recipient.
    "Being awarded the PAVE student aid was an incredible help for me. I knew that as I advanced with my education in industrial design, expenses would increase. This scholarship allowed me to spend less time at work and more time doing what I love: designing, answering questions and making. "
– Luisa Talamas, 2015 PAVE Scholarship Recipient.

 Funding for the 2016 student aid program is available due to the generous contributions of the following companies in the retail environments industry:

The American Installation Companies PAVE Grant
The Crown Metal PAVE Grant
The Elevations Inc. PAVE Grant
The Flexecution PAVE Grant
The Goebel Fixture Co. PAVE Grant
The Kingsmen Projects Pte. Ltd. PAVE Grant
The Reeve Store Equipment Co. PAVE Grant
The Showbest PAVE Grant
The Stylmark PAVE Grant
The TJ Hale PAVE Grant