student design competition


2020 PAVE Student Design Competition

Project Submission is Now Closed. View the winning projects here.




The PAVE Student Design Competition promotes “real world” design experience for college-level students interested in pursuing careers in the retail design industry. Students involved in retail planning, visual merchandising, interior design and branding programs are encouraged to participate in creating a dynamic design space for SketchUp. Students participating in our competition will demonstrate the will to innovate, redesign, and reinvent an actual retail design space.

This annual international competition is open exclusively to undergraduate college students involved in retail planning, design, visual merchandising, and branding programs. This year’s challenge SketchUp invites you to imagine an innovative brand experience for SketchUp.

The role of technology in shaping design and architecture cannot be underestimated. This has become more evident during the current pandemic we are experiencing. Designers have been working from home in record numbers and we will see an increase in this trend. SketchUp is a tool which allows us to envision three-dimensional space in new and exciting ways.
Prizes include grants to students and the winning students may even see their designs come to life. As a reminder, the competition is open to undergraduate students only. 

First Place - $3,000
Second Place - $2,000
Third Place - $1,000
Honorable Mention - $500
Also, SketchUp licenses will be awarded.

**Prizes awarded to teams of two will be split between both team members


PAVE Student Design Competition Winners Talk About Their Journey

"Receiving this award has been a truly amazing experience and has allowed me to connect with many individuals in the design profession and has presented many opportunities. Being able to travel to New York to receive the award was also such a great experience and will be one of the most significant moments of my life. The people of PAVE and Bank of America who organized and sponsored the competition are truly the most kind hearted people and I will be forever grateful for all the effort and hard work that they put into the competition and event."
- Sam Charlinski, Fanshawe College
“The relationships that I have formed through this experience are what I value most, as they become great testimonials of me as a designer. My accomplishments at PAVE have brought me closer to achieving my career goals and I only hope to grow from here.”
- Akansha Osmond, Humber College
“Working with PAVE and Bank of America has not only opened so many doors but has also been extremely enjoyable and exciting. The Student Design Competition is an amazing opportunity that pushed my design skills and creativity to new levels. Being able to create a design for a real client supplied me with more applicable experience that I feel I will be able to carry over into the real world once I graduate. The rewarding experience also provided professional exposure that I otherwise would not have received as a student without the help of PAVE.”
- Jake Still, Appalachian State University