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About the Project

The PAVE Design Challenge is a project that brings together some of the best student design talent with store fixture manufacturers and their retail brand clients.

The clients present real life design problems to the students who, in turn, must address these problems. The best designs are chosen and are built by the manufacturers to be displayed within a prominent exhibit at the GlobalShop trade show in Chicago.
The students who design the winning entries will be brought to Chicago to present their work in person.

Being involved with the PAVE project is of great benefit to all parties

Students will have their design critiqued by real clients and will learn what it is like to compete for work within a real world design scenario. Winning students have the added benefit of seeing their design concept brought to life and will enjoy invaluable networking opportunities with the top design firms. Participation in the project can lead directly to internships and full-time employment.

Manufacturers have the opportunity to work with budding design talent, armed with fresh ideas. Being involved with the project will dramatically boost each manufacturer's exposure at GlobalShop as, due to the strategic placement of the PAVE exhibit during the event, additional attendee traffic is more likely to frequent the exhibit than a particular booth. Additionally, there are various marketing initiatives available to support the exhibit, and client relationships can be enhanced by the collaborative nature of the project. Besides these very tangible benefits, manufacturers will be giving back to the design community by supporting the learning development process for students.

Brands or retailers involved in the project will receive top-notch design from a large pool of designers, and select their preferred concept(s) for prototyping. Brands and retailers will also enjoy enhanced exposure during GlobalShop.

Want to get involved with the 2020 PAVE GlobalShop Student Design Project? Contact us at 954-241-4834 or today!


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Thank You to Our 2020 Participants

GlobalShop Booth 3403

  1. Manufacturer: McRae Imaging
    School: Sheridan College
    Brand: Sephora

  2. Manufacturer: Visual Elements
    School: Onterio College of Art & Design University
    Brand: Michael Kors

  3. Manufacturer: Bish Creative
    School: University of Northern Iowa
    Brand: Coca-Cola

  4. Manufacturer: Bernstein Display
    School: Fashion Institute of Technology