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PAVE GALA - 2016

The PAVE Gala 2016 sees us ringing in the changes. It’ll still be the same fantastic night, there will still be cocktails, music and delicious food and it will still be a celebration of everything that’s best in the worlds of retail design, retail planning and visual merchandising.

Our 2x0th Annual Gala will also, of course, still be all about forging links and building bridges between the students of today and the professionals they seek to emulate; creating networks between retail managers, store planners, visual merchandisers, architects and manufacturers and exciting young talents given the opportunity to showcase their vision and ability.


With the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ firmly in place we decided to revamp the ‘where’, and stage the 2016 Gala in a truly stunning venue. The Duggal Greenhouse, the only venue of it's kind with sweeping skyline views of Manhattan, provides the kind of cutting edge back drop – steeped in history yet embracing the future – capable of capturing everything that PAVE stands for.

Based in the Brooklyn Naval Yard, the Greenhouse takes the expansive space of a former warehouse and utilises it as a multi-purpose, eco-friendly setting which fuses vintage industrial chic with the technologies of tomorrow. Put simply, the Gala and the Greenhouse is a match made in designer heaven.

Gala Sponsors:  (Platinum)  Seven Continents 




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