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PAVE Events

Mark Your Calendar for the Latest Events
& Look Back on Past Celebrations

Each year PAVE holds two signature events- the Bash and the Gala. These events are designed to inspire students and professionals alike, raise funds for PAVE programs, showcase the work of young talent and highlight everything new and exciting in the worlds of retail design, retail planning and visual merchandising. These celebrations bring together hundreds of the leading players in the worlds of retail and design, offering the talent of tomorrow the opportunity to network with the giants of today. There are cocktails, there is music and there’s delicious food! the PAVE's events are symbolic of investment in the future, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to be used to support the next generation of designers. We encourage you to explore the PAVE events of the past and get involved with those still to come.

Proceeds benefit PAVE educational programs. PAVE, The Planning and Visual Education Partnership, is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization.

For more information about sponsoring an event or event tickets email info@paveglobal.org