PAVE Announces New Executive Director

Hollywood, FL (August 19, 2020) - The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) has announced that Dash Nagel has been named Executive Director. Dash has served as Managing Director for the past seven years and succeeds Todd Dittman who held the position since 2013. This announcement comes as PAVE continues to implement a plan of strategic growth, development and outreach, forming of new partnerships and continuing to build on its past success.
“As we venture out on our own as a non-profit, we have promoted Dash Nagel to the position of Executive Director of PAVE.  Dash has been the mainstay and leader of operating PAVE internally and externally with our Board for the past seven years.  He is also known as the “face” of PAVE.  Dash thank you for accepting this position and being a huge part of moving us forward.  Please join me in congratulating Dash,” said PAVE President Cindi Kato, Vice President, Global Retail Business Development Director at CallisonRTKL.
“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead PAVE and work with such a wonderful board of directors and passionate industry members. PAVE is in a good position to further develop its vision and build upon the tremendous momentum we have seen over the past 7 years. I look forward to continue making a difference in students’ lives and helping to provide the retail design industry with the next generation of future leaders.” Nagel said.