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Become a Sponsor of PAVE Student Design Competition or Globalshop Design Project
The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE), founded in 1992, has grown into the retail design, planning, and visual merchandising industry’s premier educational foundation, and a recognized advocate for design students. To continue the journey of helping students showcase their talent the foundation created the PAVE Student Design Competition in 1994 and the PAVE Globalshop Design Project.

PAVE Student Design Competition promotes “real world” design experience for students interested in pursuing careers in the retail design industry. Students involved in retail planning, visual merchandising, interior design and branding programs create a dynamic design space for sponsors of the competition. Hundreds of students participating in our competition demonstrate the will to innovate, redesign, and reinvent actual retail design space for sponsors across the world.

The purpose of the PAVE student design competition and gala is to highlight, advertise & advocate great retail design, and to provide its winners extensive insight, publicity and prestige networking with the industry.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Increase in brand awareness and recognition- by deepening relationships and engagement through your involvement
  • Provide students with a one of kind opportunity to obtain "real life" design experience
  • Receive and observe trend insights by viewing a fresh take on your brand by your target audience
  • Owning hundreds of design ideas from top talent at the collegiate level
  • Design culture cultivation by inspiring future designers
  • Opportunity to present awards to the top educational programs and encourages supporting design education. Over 850 retail industry luminaries attend the event
  • Receive media exposure and a tax deduction for your involvement in the competition
Looking for the best opportunity to support future designers? Need fresh ideas for your brand? Sponsor a PAVE Student Design Competition or GlobalShop Design Project.